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    Cindy Ziemba

    Rachel Sochacki – Gateway 328 By

    Rachel Sochacki is one of the co-leaders for Gateway 328, the Ward anti-human-trafficking ministry. When you talk to Rachel today about her ministry, her passion for human-trafficking victims is very evident. However, it was not always that way for Rachel. But God’s still small voice called to her in a worship service, to do the unimaginable to bless others.

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    Volunteer Spotlight: Gary Becker By

    “It’s not what you have imagined. It is not as much time as you think. And it is more rewarding than you would ever believe.”In spite of some early hesitations, this is how Gary Becker sums up the role of being a deacon. Gary grew up in church, and after he and Stacey married, they were always involved “making ministry happen.”

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    Volunteer Spotlight: Angi Magnanti By

    Angi has been part of the orchestra since she started attending Ward in 2003. She has also volunteered for events like Football Sunday and A Christmas Festival, serves at the nursery welcome desk, and helps when she can with Days for Girls ministry. She loves that the orchestra is a multi-generational makeup of volunteers.

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    Volunteer Focus: WardKids By

    Terry Merritt was early in her career as an executive in the construction business when she volunteered to serve with 3-year-olds on Sunday morning. She has now been teaching 3s at Ward for 38 years, and her passion for preschool ministry has only grown.

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