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  • 7 Ways to Love Thy Neighbor in a Pandemic

    Ward Church Outreach 1 month ago

    1. Rally your Block Around a Way to Care for First Responders – select a specific way to care for local First Responders, get everyone involved In the effort.
    2. Chalk Art on Every Sidewalk and Driveway – Write words of encouragement, scripture passages and things you’re thankful for. Leave chalk for other people to write things (including ways for them to hold it in a safe way).
    3. Blessing Bags – Put together a blessing bag that would be meaningful to people around you (activities for young families, notes of encouragement, etc).
    4. Coordinate Prayer Walks – Have your small group coordinate a time when you can all walk your neighborhoods in prayer at the same time. Do a virtual meet-up time afterward to debrief and continue to pray for breakthrough.
    5. Set Aside Stimulus Check – Pray about how God would have you use your stimulus check. Perhaps the pandemic impacted your finances less than your neighbors. Pray about an amount you may set aside from your stimulus check for when you may see a neighbor in need. As opportunities arise, use those funds to serve and bless those around you.
    6. Be Present in the Front Yard Twice a Week – For those who have a front yard, spend an hour there two times a week! Maybe do dinner in lawn chairs or have corn hole boards set-up. Talk to people as they pass by.
    7. Social Distancing, Coffee Break Edition– Spread the word about a Saturday morning social distancing coffee hour on your block. When people gather, have people share peaks and pits from their week. Follow-up with people for specific prayers.

    Ideas gathered by Catapult Group.

    Have you tried any of these or have you been blessing your neighbors in ways not listed?
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