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  • 100 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

    Ward Church General 11 months ago

    Our September and October sermon series focuses on our neighbors and how we can make meaningful connections with the people in our lives. This list shows you how you can creatively love those God brings into your path. Print it, put it in your Bible, or on the refrigerator to remind you. Try some out, and add others of your own!

    1. smile
    2. wave and say hello
    3. hold the door for someone
    4. cut the grass
    5. bring in their trashcans
    6. take them their newspaper
    7. buy a cup of coffee
    8. buy someone lunch
    9. give them a card, just because
    10. bring them flowers
    11. bake cookies
    12. offer to pick up groceries
    13. bring them dinner
    14. carry someone’s bags
    15. leave a kind note
    16. offer to watch their children
    17. water their plants
    18. acknowledge strangers on the street
    19. add money to an expired meter
    20. offer your seat to someone who needs it
    21. call an old friend to catch up
    22. allow drivers to merge into your lane
    23. make chicken soup for a friend or neighbor that is sick
    24. write a thank you note
    25. bring a treat to share at work
    26. give compliments generously
    27. give a surprise gift
    28. thank your law enforcement
    29. visit a retirement home
    30. give bags of toiletries and food to the homeless
    31. be polite to store clerks
    32. volunteer in your community
    33. send a text to let someone know you’re thinking about them
    34. Leave surprise notes for someone to find
    35. listen when someone else is talking
    36. offer a shoulder to cry on
    37. help a friend or neighbor move
    38. carry something heavy for someone
    39. forgive a debt or grievance
    40. give the benefit of the doubt
    41. don’t listen to gossip
    42. donate items you do not need
    43. send gifts to needy at Christmas time
    44. invite someone to share a meal
    45. open your home for a holiday
    46. learn people’s names and use them
    47. offer a ride to someone that may need help
    48. pay the difference when someone comes up short at the store
    49. be positive and encouraging
    50. share a good book
    51. buy a small gift, just because
    52. leave encouraging notes around town
    53. donate school supplies
    54. plant flowers
    55. be kind to a mother that may be having a hard time
    56. offer water to the children out playing
    57. offer to take care of someone’s animals while they’re not home
    58. offer to watch someone’s house while they are out of town
    59. put together a neighborhood watch program to look out for each other
    60. get together with neighbors for a cookout
    61. donate blankets to a shelter
    62. help clean up after a storm
    63. put your phone down and make eye contact
    64. have a chat with another mom at the park
    65. help a mom with her stroller
    66. be kind and smile at small children, even if they’re upset
    67. ask “how can I help” when you see someone struggling
    68. pick up litter
    69. say “please” and “thank you”
    70. hold the elevator
    71. give a hug
    72. share an umbrella
    73. take the cart back for someone
    74. bring in muffins to the teachers at school
    75. shovel snow for someone
    76. leave coins at the laundromat
    77. pay a cars toll behind you
    78. let someone else have the parking spot
    79. give a gift card to someone who needs it
    80. plant a tree
    81. buy a cold drink for someone on a hot day
    82. buy a hot drink on a cold day
    83. leave a note on someone’s car
    84. introduce yourself
    85. share your skills and talents
    86. introduce friends you think will get along
    87. do a load of laundry for a new mom or someone who is sick
    88. leave chocolates (or another treat) for a coworker
    89. write a thank you note to your server
    90. give directions to someone who is lost
    91. say sorry when you’re wrong
    92. connect job opportunities to someone that is looking
    93. befriend someone who is lonely
    94. help a neighbor hang their holiday decorations
    95. be positive and not have a bad attitude
    96. lend a helping hand, whatever it may be
    97. watch out for the neighborhood children by driving slowly and cautiously
    98. share an inspiring story
    99. leave a nice comment for someone on social media
    100. leave your extra change at the cash register

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